About us

EUROSEAL-GROUP produces specialist construction chemicals. It is a top quality product brand with advanced solution systems used by public and private industrial investors.
EUROSEAL-GROUP specializes in sealing technology active water leaks through concrete structures, tunnels, cracks, seawalls, etc. We will travel anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world to seal water leaks in major contruction works.
Our injection system coupled with our unique hydrophilic acrylic resin can stop even the most stubborn water leaks. We can permanently stop water coming through cold joints, expansion joints, cracks, water stops, etc. We can even seal it when water is pouring through the cracks, in fact we prefer it.

EUROSEAL-GROUP is now in the process of aquiring distributors and setting up end users with this unique system. Please contact us for more information.

Send us a picture of your toughest leak in your message.

We subcontract as well.