Swelling tape

Swelling tape is a revolutionary alternative to bentonite waterstops thanks to their impressive expansion capacity. Swelling tape to sealing construction joint and is also remains stable even after repeated wet-dry cycles.


Product Properties:

  • ensures permanent form stability
  • increases its volume in contact with water
  • fills voids and ruptures in concrete flexible
  • the swelling and shrinking process is reversible
  • chemically resistant (for most compounds found in the natural environment)
  • high tensile resistance (extensibility in compression and tension)
  • resistant to sea water environment
  • resistant to compounds found in a polluted environment (sewage treatment plants, biogas plants, etc.)


Product application:

  • sealing working joints and expansion joints
  • in ‚white tubs’, in foundation slabs
  • in structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete (with moisture and water under pressure) in prefabricated elements at pipe crossings and joints in tubing



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