EPOXINJECT epoxy resin

Low viscosity epoxy injection system for the structural repair of cracks in concrete and masonry structures (slabs, beams, pillars…). Application with 1 component injection pump.


The EPOXINJECT system is a pure, solvent free system containing pure epoxy resin and a hardener.
Low viscosity
High penetration
Very good adhesion to concrete, wood and metal,
(fracture in concrete)
Excellent mechanical characteristics
Application guidelines
Mix the predosed A and B components. Inject this mixture with a single
component pump (manual or electrical) into the crack. Inject as long asnecessary to be sure the crack is completely filled with the resin. Also
observe the potlife.
Remark: only inject in cracks with max 5 % humidity
A component: yellow transparent liquid
B component: yellow liquid
Pot life (20°):+-45 minutes
Mixing ratio: A component 5kg
B component 5kg
Tensile strength:45 N/mm2
Elongation at break:10%
Compression strength: 80N/mm2
Flexural strength:65N /mm2
Density: 1,00 g/cm³
Viscosity (20°C) abt. 120-150 m.Pas
Packaging \ Predosed sets of 10kg

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